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Our History

In September 1956, fourteen employees of the Prairie Lumber Company and the Haener Planer Lumber Mills met, formed and applied for a state charter to establish the Prairie Lumber and Haener Planer Credit Union.

In these early beginnings, volunteers managed everything, accepting deposits and making loans to their fellow members out of an office space donated by the Baker Truck Company.

Credit Union Serving Idaho County

Good ideas have a way of catching on and gathering momentum.  Over the years, we’ve merged with Inland Lumber Mill (1968), Inland County Employees Credit Union (1991) and Camas Credit Union (1992).

On April 17th, 1963, The Prairie Lumber & Haener Planer Credit Union name was changed to Pine Tree Community Credit Union.  At this time, Ray Sarbacher (one of the founding members) because treasurer and moved the office of the credit union to his home.   With the assistance of his wife, Evelyn, their home was where the credit union remained and grew for many years.

With all that growth, we needed to find more room, and in 1992, the Board purchased the old PCA building at 230 East Main Street, and after two additions and remodels, remains our present location today.

While Pine Tree Community Credit Union may have started out on a shoestring, with just a few hundred dollars and only 14 dedicated volunteers, we’ve managed to grow to the point where today, we’re 3100 members strong, with over $41 million in assets.

And we have Members like you to thank for our organization’s success!

If you’re not a Member, we’d love to invite you to stop in at our Grangeville or Riggins Branch offices to become part of our Pine Tree Community.



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